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Parents are expected to pay school fees along with school material fees.  The school material fees have been determined by the school administration after identification of needed materials and this because students must use the same quality materials to bring harmony in their learning process. To facilitate the children’s learning by permitting the school to meet all necessary expenses before a new year starts, school material fees are to be paid a month before the new school year starts, at the latest by August 15.

School fees are to be paid only into the school bank account (details are obtained from the school office), and the payment is acknowledged by submitting the bank deposit slip for verification to the school office. Once verified, a school receipt is given. The school fees are to be paid two weeks after the beginning of each term.

NOTE:  After these payment deadlines, a penalty of 5 % is applied. Non-payment of one month could result in the withdrawal of your child from the school.

If a student leaves part way through a term, the fees for that term will not be refunded.  If the School fee has been paid for the year, in advance, fees for the unstudied terms will be refunded.


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A newsletter is sent to parents every month and other memos to parents are sent home via our students whenever it is necessary. We try to provide a French translation of all notices and memo for parents’ convenience. WhatsApp groups for each grade have also been created to facilitate communication with parents.

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